Three Seasonal Movements

NB: Playalong videos should be used in conjunction with the parts linked from the video description. Published versions have been transposed and will not always match the pitch of the videos.

Brass soloist with piano accompaniment

Solo parts are provided as follows:
Treble Clef
Bass Clef

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In January 2021, using funding awarded by Arts Council England through the ‘Grants for the Arts’ programme, Foden’s Band commissioned five of its members to write three brass solos each. These solos are varied in difficulty, corresponding approximately to Grades 1-5 and, as part of the project funding, brass trio accompaniment videos were produced to allow players to play the pieces along with musicians from the band.

Three Seasonal Movements is of approximately Grade 4 standard.

Spring Jig is a lively 6/8 dance. Structured in AABA form, the opening melody rises and falls imagining a couple enjoying the energetic dance. Following a developed repeat of the opening material, the B section has a more triadic feel before reintroducing the final A section. The music concludes with a resounding cadence as the dancer’s feet stomp the final beats of the dance.

Autumn Walk is a gentle flowing piece that imagines a walk through a forest on a crisp autumnal morning. The melody moves mainly by step with each statement slightly developed from the first moving over the warm harmonies. Towards the end the music builds as our walker makes their way up a steep hill, only to settle as they reach the summit and enjoy once more the autumn scene before them.

Summer Tango opens with the piano establishing the ‘Tango’ rhythm before the soloist joins with the sultry melodic line. The central section sees the melody pass to the piano with the soloist providing a counter-melody before once again taking the reins to conclude this terrific toe tapping tango!

Additional Information

Composer John Barber
Difficulty Grade 4
Duration 4 minutes - 6 minutes