Animal Adventures

NB: Playalong videos should be used in conjunction with the parts linked from the video description. Published versions have been transposed and will not always match the pitch of the videos.

Brass soloist with piano accompaniment

Solo parts are provided as follows:
Treble Clef
Bass Clef

Also published as part of In the Spotlight.

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In January 2021, using funding awarded by Arts Council England through the ‘Grants for the Arts’ programme, Foden’s Band commissioned five of its members to write three brass solos each. These solos are varied in difficulty, corresponding approximately to Grades 1-5 and, as part of the project funding, brass trio accompaniment videos were produced to allow players to play the pieces along with musicians from the band.

Animal Adventures is a musical trip through the forest and is of approximately Grade 1 standard.

It's a warm and damp evening in the forest, the Marching Millipedes are emerging from under their rocks to hunt for food. Their legs move at a very deliberate and regular pace, marching - as they search for food. Meanwhile, high in the canopy, a Sleepy Sloth hangs from a branch, fast asleep - just as they do for 20 hours of their day. Finally, a Funky Fox, skulks around, swinging his shoulders and hips as he parades through the forest on his hunt for supper.

I hope that you enjoy this short collection of pieces!

Additional Information

Composer Ian Raisbeck
Difficulty Grade 1
Duration 2 minutes - 4 minutes